Convert and view source code in HTML or BBCODE.


This is a fork of agibsonsw’s PrintHtml plugin. This plugin allows the exporting of a document in Sublime Text to a HTML file or to BBCode. It duplicates Sublime’s theme colors and font styles.


  • Export to HTML using any tmTheme for syntax highlighting
  • Can handle any language supported by ST2
  • Supports bold and italic theme font styles as well
  • Configurable output
  • Format suitable for copying and pasting in emails
  • 2 included tmTheme files for color and grayscale printing (but any can be used)
  • Export only selections (multi-select supported)
  • Export and show highlights (multi-select supported)
  • Toggle gutter on/off in browser view
  • Automatically open browser print dialog (optional)
  • Enable/disable configurable word wrapping
  • Configurable toolbar to appear in the generated webpage


Use package control.


  • agibsonsw: Original idea and algorithm for the plugin
  • Paul Boddie: Desktop module for open files in web browser cross platform
  • Print-Color and Print-Grayscale tmThemes were derived from Monokai Bright
  • Thanks to castles_made_of_sand a.k.a sublimator for package_resources.py (https://github.com/sublimator/PackageResources) and skuroda for his contributions to said library.