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User Guide

General Usage

Toggle the current view to a "RawLineEdit" view via the command palette command Raw Line Edit: Toggle Line Edit Mode. To simply view the raw line endings in a output panel, call the command Raw Line Edit: View Line Endings.

Using the Enter key you can change a line ending to Windows style, to Linux/Unix style with ShiftEnter, or even macOS 9 with CtrlEnter. Select multiple lines to change more than one line.


RawLineEdit has a few settings that can tweak the behavior and look of the plugin.


Allows RawLineEdit to operate on views that haven't been saved to disk.

    // Operate on sublime unsaved view buffer
    // Instead of reading the file from disk,
    // The file will be read directly from the buffer
    // In these cases the line endings will be normalized,
    // but you can edit them and save them back to disk.
    // Not sure how useful this is.
    "operate_on_unsaved_buffers": false


Enables sending messages through the SubNotify plugin.

    // Use subnotify if available
    "use_sub_notify": true,

Create Key Bindings

To enable raw line edit/view mode via a keybinding you can bind the following commands:

  • toggle_raw_line_edit: a command for create a view where you can view and modify line endings.
  • popup_raw_line_edit: creates an output panel with a read only view of the line endings.

Last update: November 19, 2019