User Guide

Configuration and usage of RawLineEdit.

General Usage

Toggle the current view to a “RawLineEdit” view via the command palette command Raw Line Edit: Toggle (you can setup your own keybinding or add it to your context menu if you choose).

Using the Enter key you can change Windows style line endings to Unix or use Shift + Enter to do the opposite. Select multiple lines to change more than one line.


RawLineEdit has a few settings that can tweak the behavior and look of the plugin.


Sublime Text 3 will show a special glyph for carriage returns, but they show nothing for normal new lines. This setting will enable showing a ¬ character for newlines.

    // Use a glyph for a visual representation
    // for newlines
    "use_newline_glyph": true,


Uses a special language file so that a theme can colorize the line endings. See Colorize Line Endings for more info.

    // Use the raw line edit theme to allow
    // a view that highlights only new lines
    // and carriage returns for easy visualization.
    // (Colors customizable via your color scheme file)
    "use_raw_line_edit_theme": true,


Instead of opening a read/write view, RawLineEdit will open up a read only output panel.

    // View only mode: pops up an output panel showing line endings.
    // No editing possible.
    "view_only": false,


Allows RawLineEdit to operate on views that haven’t been saved to disk.

    // Operate on sublime unsaved view buffer
    // Instead of reading the file from disk,
    // The file will be read directly from the buffer
    // In these cases the line endings will be normalized,
    // but you can edit them and save them back to disk.
    // Not sure how useful this is.
    "operate_on_unsaved_buffers": false


Enables sending messages through the SubNotify plugin.

    // Use subnotify if available
    "use_sub_notify": true,

Colorize Line Endings

When the use_raw_line_edit_theme is enabled, RawLineEdit will use a special language file so that a theme can colorize the line endings. In order to get the special colors, you must add special keys to your current tmTheme file.

Here are the keys; you can specify whatever color you like:

            <string>Raw New Line: Carriage Return</string>
            <string>Raw New Line: New Line Glyph</string>