PyMdown Extensions

Available Extensions

PyMdown Extensions provides a handful of extensions for use with Python Markdown. Keep in mind, the PyMdown extensions were designed to work with the default extensions, so your mileage may vary in regards to compatibility when paired with other 3rd party extensions.

Check out the individual extension document pages for more info on the available extensions.


Please read the Usage Notes for information on extension compatibility and general notes to be aware of when using these extensions.

Extension Name
Arithmatex pymdownx.arithmatex
B64 pymdownx.b64
BetterEm pymdownx.betterem
Caret pymdownx.caret
Critic pymdownx.critic
Emoji pymdownx.emoji
EscapeAll pymdownx.escapeall
Extra pymdownx.extra
ExtraRawHtml pymdownx.extrarawhtml
GitHub pymdownx.github
Highlight pymdownx.highlight
Keys pymdownx.keys
MagicLink pymdownx.magiclink
Mark pymdownx.mark
ProgressBar pymdownx.progressbar
Snippets pymdownx.snippets
SmartSymbols pymdownx.smartsymbols
SuperFences pymdownx.superfences
Tasklist pymdownx.tasklist
Tilde pymdownx.tilde
InlineHilite pymdownx.inlinehilite
PathConverter pymdownx.pathconverter
PlainHtml pymdownx.plainhtml