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About BracketHighlighter


BracketHighlighter matches a variety of brackets such as: [], (), {}, "", '', <tag></tag>, and even custom brackets.

This was originally forked from pyparadigm's SublimeBrackets and SublimeTagmatcher (both are no longer available). I forked his repositories to fix a number issues I add some features I had wanted. I also wanted to improve the efficiency of the matching. Moving forward, I have thrown away all of the code and have completely rewritten the entire code base to allow for more flexibility, faster matching, and a more feature rich experience.


Feature List

  • Customizable to highlight almost any bracket.
  • Customizable bracket highlight style.
  • High visibility bracket highlight mode.
  • Selectively disable or enable specific matching of tags, brackets, or quotes.
  • Selectively use an allowlist or blocklist for matching specific tags, brackets, or quotes based on language.
  • When bound to a shortcut, allow options to show line count and char count between match in the status bar.
  • Highlight basic brackets within strings.
  • Works with multi-select.
  • Configurable custom gutter icons.
  • Toggle bracket escape mode for string brackets (regex|string).
  • Bracket plugins that can jump between bracket ends, select content, etc.


  • pyparadigm: for his original efforts with SublimeBrackets and SublimeTagmatcher which originally BracketHighlighter was built off of and the inspiration for this project.
  • BoundInCode: for his Tag icon.