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Configuring ColorHelper


Settings for Color Helper are contained within the color_helper.sublime-settings file. There are a number of options that control the ColorHelper experience. This ranges from tweaking how colors are previewed, what colors are scanned in what files, what features are enabled, etc.


Certain settings, which are likely to be useful as per OS settings or per host, will be configured to use multiconf. multiconf is a library that will parse a setting as a normal setting or a per OS and/or per host setting (if configured properly). For the settings that have this enabled, you can optionally use the format below to specify the setting per OS or per host.

The optional multiconf format requires a dictionary with a special identifier #multiconf# and a list of dictionaries identified by a qualifier in the form:

    "<qualifier name>:<qualifier value>[;<qualifier name>:<qualifier value>]..."

For example, the following setting

    "user_home": "/home"

would result in get("user_home") returning the value "/home" but it could also be replaced with

    "user_home":  {
                    "#multiconf#": [
                        {"os:windows": "C:\\Users"},
                        {"os:linux;host:his_pc": "/home"},
                        {"os:linux;host:her_pc": "/home/her/special"}

Now, the same configuration file will provide different values depending on the machine it's on. On an MS Windows machine the value returned by get will be "C:\Users", and on a Linux machine with the host name his_pc the value will be "/home", etc.

Last update: March 10, 2021