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Graphic Rendering


Coarse scaling of generated graphics sizes. Graphics in the tooltips look best large as Sublime slightly distorts images, but on different screens, some of the tooltips (especially the internal color picker) may be too large or too small. graphic_size can be used to control the size of these generated images. Scaling is based off line height, and valid settings are small (0.75X), medium (1X), and large (1.25X). medium is the default.

    // If the color picker is too big or too small, try playing with this.
    // This is a coarse control which scales image size relative to the
    // approximate line height. small (0.75x), medium (1x), and large (1.25x).
    // (small | medium | large)
    "graphic_size": "medium",

If you need to set this per OS or per host, you can via multiconf.


Fine scaling of the size of generated graphics. This overrides graphic_size.

    // Fine scaling of image sizes. Overrides `graphic_size`.
    // Use an integer or floating point value. `null` disables fine scaling.
    "graphic_scale": 1.5,

If you need to set this per OS or per host, you can via multiconf.


Temporary workaround for Windows 10 HiDPI setups that reduces image sizes.

    // For Windows 10 HiDPI setups.  This is a temporary workaround
    // to help reduce abnormally large color previews and other images.
    // This will be removed once the issue is fixed in Sublime Text 3.
    "line_height_workaround": false,


ColorHelper does its best to calculate the correct size for inline images, but with some font's or screen resolutions (or for a reason I don't quite understand) it will get it wrong and create an image larger (or maybe smaller) than your line height which may cause an undesirable look. Set this value to either a positive or negative value which will be applied to the inline preview's image size.

    // Adjust the size of inline image previews by the offset given.
    // Please use either a positive or negative number.
    "inline_preview_offset": 0,

If you need to set this per OS or per host, you can via multiconf.


For themes with popups that have a very different background than what is found as the default code background, it may be desirable to override image borders with a color that blends better.

Colors specified in the setting can be of the of any valid CSS color in the sRGB, HSL, or HWB color space. null can be used to remove your override.

    // Override image border color. This is mainly for schemes that use a dramatically different
    // background for popups vs code background. Color should be in the form `#RRGGBB`. Alpha channels will
    // be ignored.
    "image_border_color": "rgb(0 0 0)"

Last update: March 20, 2021