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Enable/disable inline color previews. inline_previews generates an image previews after the identified color in your source file. You can click the preview to bring up the ColorHelper panel.


Previews can be positioned to the left or right of a color. Set this value to "left" or "right to toggle its behavior.

    // Adjust the position of inline image previews.
    // (left|right)
    "inline_preview_position": "left",


Enables/disables previews only showing when they are selected.

    // Only show color previews next to a color when the color region
    // intersects the current selection(s). If a selection is empty
    // (just a caret), if the caret is at the start or within the color
    // region, a preview will also show.
    "preview_on_select": false ,


Controls whether previews will attempt to gamut map a color that is out of the preview gamut.

    // Controls whether previews will try to visually show an out of gamut
    // color by using gamut mapping.
    "show_out_of_gamut_preview": true,

Last update: March 23, 2021