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Some breaking changes! Please read:

  • NEW: pymdownx.superfences no longer sources any settings from markdown.extensions.codehilite and instead uses pymdownx.highlight. No need to specify markdown.extensions.codehilite in the default settings.
  • NEW: Default pygments_css class is now set to highlight which is pymdownx.highlight's default. If you are using pymdownx.superfences, you use use highlight, if you are using markdown.extensions.codehilite, then you may want to change this to codehilite, or change codehilite to use the highlight class as well.
  • FIX: Use markdown.extensions.md_in_html instead of pymdownx.extrarawhtml in the default settings as the latter is no longer available in the latest dependency.


  • FIX: Fix for detecting browser in macOS Catalina.


  • FIX: Fix GitHub emoji asset links.


  • FIX: Linux browser preview issue.


  • FIX: Reload issues in some browsers.


  • Add support for Markdown 3+ and Pymdownx 6+.
  • Add viewport scaling in HTML.


  • Add basic GitLab support.
  • Add per parser support for JavaScript and CSS configurations. Please see documentation to learn the new format.


  • Don't allow live reload on save if using GitHub parser with no OAuth.


  • Revert autoNumber set to all in MathJax config.
  • Revert alignment left of MathJax display equations as the default has always been center prior to 2.0 releases.


  • Add support for KaTeX math.
  • Ensure MathJax properly looks for \begin{env}...\end{env}.
  • Unified menu.


  • MathJax should only scan for arithmatex classes in HTML.


  • Code highlighting should have guessing disabled by default.
  • Fix failure when code highlighting has guessing enabled, but the user specified a language name which has no lexer.


  • Fix missing code highlight extension.
  • Fix build command failing.


Please read documentation as there have been big changes in this version which may require updates to your personal settings.

  • Do not vendor Python Markdown. Python Markdown will be acquired via the current markdown dependency.

  • Python Markdown configuration changes:

    • No more defining settings as extension(option1=a,option2=b). Options will be defined as a dictionary.
    • You will have to define the full extension name: markdown.extensions.codehilite. This will allow you to import any extension you want outside of Markdown Preview.
    • New line to <br> conversion has been dropped from GitHub emulation as GitHub no longer does this. Ref issue #374.
  • Originally a couple pymdownx-extension extensions were ported over to this plugin to give a GitHub-ish feel to Markdown, these are no longer be included directly, but are included as a dependency. This will provide the latest versions, and also provide new extensions previously not included. Ref issue #378.

  • Drop ST2 so we no longer have to provide specially crafted Python Markdown versions when we try to upgrade.

  • Improve yaml front matter parsing: see issue #392.

  • Better UML JavaScript injection.

  • Link contributors in readme.

  • Remove "magic" Pygments configuration. User will now explicitly configure Pygments CSS injection separately.

  • Require explicit parser name moving forward instead of default, but provide a deprecation path for the short term.

  • Fix GitHub header ID generation. GitHub only lowercases ASCII chars.

  • Ensure default parser is Python Markdown, and enable auto-reload by default.

  • Hopefully better documentation.

  • Make flake8 compatible.

  • Fix outdated links.

  • Remove MathJax and UML option in favor of a more generalized solution via the pre-existing css option.

  • Remove embed_css_for_sublime_output option in favor of more generalized include_head option.


  • Fix issue where Chrome prevents live reload.


  • css setting can now be an array and contain multiple CSS files (see settings file for more info).
  • Updated GitHub style to latest.


  • Now supports any markdown parser through a generalized method. Now you can map a binary to parser name via markdown_binary_map. Then use the parser name in enabled_parsers to use it.
  • MultiMarkdown specific settings have been removed. MultiMarkdown should now be configured via markdown_binary_map and enabled_parsers.
  • Upgraded to Python Markdown 2.6.4.
  • Removed internal PyYaml and Pygments. Markdown Preview now uses Package Control dependencies to obtain PyYaml and Pygments.
  • Update kbd CSS for GitHub.


  • The messages.json should OK for this time.


  • Fixes messages.json and changelog versions.


  • Removed markdown2 parser for its not well maintained and buggy.
  • Make Python Markdown parser as default.
  • Split the preview commands for Python Markdown parser and GitHub Flavored Markdown parser.
  • Add markdown file build support, build parser are config via the origin "parser" settings.
  • Add this changelog file for both developers and users.
  • Add messages.json which make display of and
  • Try use Markdown Extended.tmLanguage for cheat sheet if you installed Markdown Extended.


  • Support for ST3.
  • Added Python Markdown parser.
  • CSS search first in markdown file directory and the the build-in.

Last update: March 3, 2021