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This is a simple plugin that can get the scope under the cursor(s) in Sublime Text. This plugin is useful for plugin development.

Dark theme with simple output:

Tooltip Dark

Light theme with advanced output:

Tooltip Light


All features are configurable via the settings file

  • Optionally show output in tooltip (stylesheets are configurable).
  • Optionally auto choose dark or light tooltip theme depending on your color scheme.
  • Optionally dump output to auto-popup panel and/or console.
  • Optionally dump scope to status bar (no multi-select support).
  • Multi-select support for all output except status bar.
  • Optionally log scope extent in line/char format and/or point format.
  • Optionally copy scope(s) to clipboard.
  • Optionally highlight and/or log scope extent.
  • Optionally log color scheme colors and selectors.
  • Optionally log location of Scheme file and Syntax.
  • Supports SubNotify messages.