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The ProPhoto color space is registered in Color by default


Name: prophoto-rgb

White Point: D50 / 2˚


Name Range*
r [0, 1]
g [0, 1]
b [0, 1]

* Range denotes in gamut colors, but the color space supports an extended range beyond the gamut.

ProPhoto RGB

CIE 1931 xy Chromaticity – ProPhoto RGB Chromaticities

The ProPhoto RGB color space, also known as ROMM RGB (Reference Output Medium Metric), is an output referred RGB color space developed by Kodak. It offers an especially large gamut designed for use with photographic output in mind. The ProPhoto RGB color space encompasses over 90% of possible surface colors in the CIE L*a*b* color space, and 100% of likely occurring real-world surface colors documented by Pointer in 1980.

Learn about ProPhoto

Channel Aliases

Channels Aliases
r red
g green
b blue


Parsed input and string output formats support all valid CSS forms:

color(prophoto-rgb r g b / a)  // Color function

When manually creating a color via raw data or specifying a color space as a parameter in a function, the color space name is always used:

Color("prophoto-rgb", [0, 0, 0], 1)

The string representation of the color object and the default string output will be in the color(prophoto-rgb r g b / a) form.

>>> Color("prophoto-rgb", [0.78951, 0.62329, 0.21172], 1)
color(prophoto-rgb 0.78951 0.62329 0.21172 / 1)
>>> Color("prophoto-rgb", [0.70225, 0.27572, 0.10355]).to_string()
'color(prophoto-rgb 0.70225 0.27572 0.10355)'


from coloraide import Color as Base
from coloraide.spaces.prophoto_rgb import ProPhotoRGB

class Color(Base): ...


Last update: September 10, 2023