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PyMdown Extensions


PyMdown Extensions is a collection of extensions for Python Markdown. They were originally written to make writing documentation more enjoyable. They cover a wide range of solutions, and while not every extension is needed by all people, there is usually at least one useful extension for everybody.


All extensions are found under the module namespace of pymdownx. Assuming we wanted to specify the use of the MagicLink extension, we would include it in Python Markdown like so:

>>> import markdown
>>> text = "A link"
>>> html = markdown.markdown(text, extensions=['pymdownx.magiclink'])
'<p>A link <a href=""></a></p>'

Check out documentation on each extension to learn more about how to configure and use each one.


Please read the Usage Notes for information on extension compatibility and general notes to be aware of when using these extensions.


Arithmatex B64 BetterEm
Blocks Caret Critic
Details Emoji EscapeAll
Extra Highlight InlineHilite
Keys MagicLink Mark
PathConverter ProgressBar SaneHeaders
SmartSymbols Snippets StripHTML
SuperFences Tabbed Tasklist