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  • FIX: Snippets: Fix snippet line range with a start of line 1.


  • NEW: Require Python Markdown 3.6+.
  • FIX: Fix some test cases.
  • FIX: Fix warnings due to recent changes in Python Markdown.


  • FIX: SmartSymbols: Ensure symbols are properly translated in table of content tokens.


  • NEW: Emoji: Update Twemoji and Gemoji data to latest.
  • NEW: Emoji: Due to recent Gemoji update, non-standard emoji are no longer indexed. So emoji such as :octocat: are no longer resolved.
  • NEW: Highlight: Added new option default_lang which will cause code blocks with no language specifier to be highlighted with the specified default language instead of plain text. This affects indented code blocks and code blocks defined with SuperFences.
  • NEW: InlineHilite: style_plain_text can be specified with a language string (in addition to its previous boolean requirement) to treat inline code blocks with no explicit language specifier with a specific default language.


  • NEW: MagicLink: Allow configuring custom repository providers based off the existing providers.


  • NEW: Blocks: Admonitions and Details now allow configuring custom block classes and default titles.
  • FIX: Keys: Ensure that Keys does not parse base64 encoded URLs.


  • NEW: Snippets: Allow PathLike objects for base_path to better support interactions with MkDocs.
  • FIX: Block Admonitions: Empty titles should be respected.
  • FIX: Block Details: Empty summary should be respected.


  • FIX: SuperFences: Fix an issue where braces were not handled properly in attributes.


  • NEW: Officially support Python 3.12.
  • NEW: Drop Python 3.7 support.


  • FIX: Tabbed: Fix regression.


  • NEW: Highlight: Add new stripnl option to configure Pygments' default handling of stripping leading and and trailing new lines from code blocks. Mainly affects fenced code blocks.
  • FIX: SuperFences: Fix issue where when SuperFences attempts to test if a placeholder is its own, it can throw an exception.


  • NEW: Add new combine_header_slug option in legacy Tabbed extension and new Block Tab extension that will prefix a content tab's slug with the parent header's slug. This allows for content tab slugs that are scoped to the header they are under.


  • FIX: Regression related to snippets nested deeply under specified base path.


  • Break: Snippets: snippets will restrict snippets to ensure they are under the base_path preventing snippets relative to the base_path but not explicitly under it. restrict_base_path can be set to False for legacy behavior.


  • NEW: Emoji: Update to new CDN and use Twemoji 14.1.2.
  • NEW: Snippets: Ignore nested snippet section syntax when including a section.


  • NEW: Blocks: Add new experimental general purpose blocks that provide a framework for creating fenced block containers for specialized parsing. A number of extensions utilizing general purpose blocks are included and are meant to be an alternative to (and maybe one day replace): Admonitions, Details, Definition Lists, and Tabbed. Also adds a new HTML plugin for quick wrapping of content with arbitrary HTML elements.
  • NEW: Highlight: When enabling line spans and/or line anchors, if a code block has an ID associated with it, line ids will be generated using that code ID instead of the code block count.
  • NEW: Snippets: Expand section syntax to allow section names with - and _.
  • NEW: Snippets: When check_paths is enabled, and a specified section is not found, raise an error.
  • NEW: Snippets: Add new experimental feature dedent_sections that will de-indent (remove any common leading whitespace from every line in text) from that block of text.
  • NEW: MagicLink: Update GitLab links to match recent changes and to be more correct.
  • NEW: MagicLink: Relax required hash length when performing link shortening.


  • FIX: Highlight: Remove extraneous new lines from end of indented code blocks when using use_pygments = False.


  • FIX: Snippets syntax can break in XML comments as XML comments do not allow --. Relax Snippets syntax such that -8<- (single -) are allowed.


  • FIX: Use a different CDN for Twemoji icons as MaxCDN is no longer available.


  • ENHANCE: BetterEm: Further improvements to strong/emphasis handling:
    • Ensure that one or more consecutive * or _ surrounded by whitespace are not considered as a token.
  • ENHANCE: Caret: Apply recent BetterEm improvements to Caret:
    • Fix case where ^^ nested between ^ would be handled in an unexpected way.
    • Ensure that one or more consecutive ^ surrounded by whitespace are not considered as a token.
  • ENHANCE: Tilde: Apply recent BetterEm improvements to Tilde:
    • Fix case where ~~ nested between ~ would be handled in an unexpected way.
    • Ensure that one or more consecutive ~ surrounded by whitespace are not considered a token.
  • ENHANCE: Mark: Apply recent BetterEm improvements to Mark:
    • Ensure that one or more consecutive = surrounded by whitespace are not considered a token.


  • NEW: Formally declare support for Python 3.11.
  • FIX: BetterEm: Fix case where ** nested between * would be handled in an unexpected way.


  • NEW: Tabbed: Add new syntax to allow forcing a specific tab to be select by default.
  • NEW: Snippets: Add new option to pass arbitrary HTTP headers.
  • NEW: Snippets: Allow specifying sections in a snippet and including just the specified section.


  • NEW: Highlight: Allow greater granularity of specifying where language guessing takes place via guess_lang option (e.g. block vs inline).
  • NEW: Tabbed: Add options for generating tab IDs from tab titles.
  • NEW: Snippets: Add support for specifying specific lines for Snippets.
  • NEW: Snippets: Commenting out files in block format no longer requires a space directly after ;.
  • NEW: Snippets: A new sane way to escape snippets is now available.


  • NEW: InlineHilite: Custom inline code block formatters can now be forced to raise an exception by raising a InlineHiliteException.
  • NEW: Snippets: Add new options to handle importing snippets from URL.
  • NEW: Snippets: Snippets will only swallow missing file errors (unless check_paths is enabled), all other errors will be propagated up.
  • NEW: Snippets: When a file or URL is missing, raise SnippetMissingError instead of IOError.
  • FIX: Snippets: Small issues related to recursive inclusion of snippets.


  • NEW: Highlight: Changes in order to support Pygments 2.12+. If using Pygments and a version less than 2.12 is installed, Highlight will raise an exception.


  • NEW: B64: Allow SVG to be encoded and inlined.
  • NEW: PathConverter: Add option to use file:// prefix on absolute paths.
  • FIX: Highlight: Ensure that extend_pygments_lang is not case sensitive regarding language names.


  • NEW: Drop Python 3.6 support and formally add Python 3.10 support.
  • NEW: Highlight: Add pygments_lang_option to enable attaching language classes to Pygments code blocks.
  • NEW: SuperFences: Custom fence validators and formatters can now be forced to raise an exception by raising a SuperFencesException.
  • NEW: Keys: Add power and fingerprint keys.
  • FIX: SuperFences: Fix case where custom fence in a blockquote was not gracefully handled.
  • FIX: Arithmatex: fix issue where if you limit the inline or block syntax to specific input types, access to certain matched groups could cause an error.


  • NEW: Highlight: If linenums is enabled globally via the highlight extension, and a code block specifies a line number of zero (e.g. SuperFences), disable line numbers for that code block.
  • FIX: Snippets: Add missing documentation for auto_append feature that was added in 8.2.
  • FIX: Highlight: When attr_list is enabled, attributes were not properly added to Pygments code blocks in the table format. (#1505)


Please see Migration Notes for details on upgrading to 9.0.

  • NEW: Arithmatex: Wrap MathJax "script" format (non-preview) with a container element just like all other Arithmatex output formats.
  • NEW: Arithmatex: MathJax (non-generic) form's container element now has the arithmatex class added just like everywhere else.
  • NEW: Arithmatex: Add options to override HTML element container type of inline and block math.
  • NEW: Arithmatex: Add new formatter functions intended to replace old math fenced/inline block formatters. New formatter functions are configurable. All others are marked as deprecated and will be removed at some future date.
  • NEW: Emoji: Upgraded Twitter emoji database to support latest emoji. It is a known issue that Twitter has :man_in_santa_hat: and :mx_claus: backwards – same for :mrs_claus: and :woman_in_santa_hat:. That is on Twitter's side, not ours.
  • NEW: Highlight: Add support for the Pygments option linespans.
  • NEW: Highlight: Add support for Pygments option lineanchors.
  • NEW: Highlight: Add support for Pygments option anchorlinenos.
  • NEW: Highlight: Remove legacy_no_wrap_code option.
  • NEW: Add support for generating title headers pulled from the Pygments lexer for code blocks. Feature can be enabled via the new auto_title option. If a specific name is not preferred, these names can be overridden via a user defined mapping called auto_title_map.
  • NEW: SuperFences: Allow setting a title, or overriding an auto title via the new title option in a fenced code header.
  • NEW: SuperFences: Allow adding ID and arbitrary data- attributes on Pygments code blocks. The latter requires the attr_list extension to be enabled.
  • NEW: SuperFences: Removed old deprecated option highlight_code which no longer did anything.
  • NEW: SuperFences: Remove legacy code meant to help with transitioning to new custom fence function format.
  • NEW: Tabbed: New alternate style that allows for a scrollable tabs if they overflow. Feature is experimental, see docs for more information.
  • NEW: Slugs: Add new configurable slugify function that aims to replace all other slugify methods. Deprecate uslugify, uslugify_encoded, uslugify_case, uslugify_case_encoded, gfm, and gfm_encoded. slugify takes parameters returning a function that performs the desired slug handling. slugify adds new options case="fold" for case folding and normalize='<normalize format here>' (uses NFC by default).
  • FIX: BetterEm: Fix some complex cases related to "smart" logic. (#1413)
  • FIX: EscapeAll: Fix issue where an escaped HTML entity may end up with incorrect slug and incorrect table of content entry.
  • FIX: Highlight: Fix issue that occurs when showing only nth line numbers and using pymdownx-inline. Lines not showing a line number would not render with the proper leading space.


  • NEW: Snippets: now accepts a list of base paths which will be resolved in the order they are specified. Compatibility is present with legacy behavior, and a single string path will still be accepted.
  • NEW: Snippets: allow for specifying certain snippets to auto-append to every file. Useful for appending abbreviations, reference links, etc.
  • NEW: Snippets: a snippet base path can be a full path to a file. When a base path is a full path to a file, only that file will be included from the specified folder. This allows for targeting a one off file outside of the normal snippet paths(s).
  • NEW: MagicLink: add GitHub Discussions support to MagicLink. Can now use ?<num> to link discussions. Full discussion links will also be shortened if shortening is enabled. (#1187)
  • NEW: MagicLink: add new normalize_issue_symbols option to make issues, pull request, and discussion links all render with # instead of #, !, and ? respectively. Input syntax is still the same. Great if you want a GitHub style look where all issue types are just rendered with #.
  • FIX: MagicLink: documentation will not render links with special icons added via CSS so as not to confuse users that may think that is part of MagicLink. While possible with CSS, MagicLink provides no CSS automatically.
  • FIX: Tabbed & Details: Fix corner case with lists. (#1225)
  • FIX: Fix issue with unescaping logic in code blocks.


  • FIX: Ensure content immediately before Details content or Tabbed content gets preserved.
  • FIX: StripHTML: Fix some corner cases related to stripping comments.


  • NEW: Drop support for Python 3.5.
  • NEW: Officially support Python 3.9.
  • NEW: Tabbed titles can now have simple Markdown in them which can be parsed and rendered (like emoji, bold, etc.).
  • FIX: Avoid parsing script tags in PathConverter and B64 extensions.


  • FIX: Fix issue with pymdownx-inline an Pygments 2.7+.


Please see Migration Notes for details on upgrading to 8.0.

  • NEW: Added SaneHeaders extension.
  • NEW: SuperFences & InlineHilite: gracefully handle failing custom formatters and/or validators. Users should add their own debug code to their formatter/validator if they suspect it isn't working.
  • NEW: SuperFences: if a custom fence validator fails, try the next custom fence until all are exhausted.
  • NEW: SuperFences: no longer allow custom options in the form key= (no value). Only keys with values or keys with no value and no = are accepted. Keys with no value will now assume the value to be the key name.
  • NEW: SuperFences: if attr_list extension is enabled, fenced code that use brace attribute list style headers (```{lang #id .class attr=value}) will attach arbitrary attributes that are included in the header to the code element.
  • NEW: SuperFences: when Pygments is disabled, options (such as linenums) included in fenced code headers no longer do anything. If attr_list is enabled, and the brace header is used, such options will be treated as HTML attributes. JavaScript highlighter options should be defined in the brace header form with attr_list enabled in order to generate appropriate, compatible HTML with the chosen JavaScript highlighter.
  • NEW: SuperFences: backwards incompatible changes where made to custom fence API. See Migration Notes for instructions on how to migrate to the new API. Some temporary support for most of the old format is in place, but is deprecated.
  • NEW: SuperFences: has removed legacy code tab feature. Associated legacy_tab_classes option has been removed. Please use the Tabbed extension to create general purpose tabs for code blocks or other content.
  • NEW: Highlight: add new option language_prefix which controls the prefix applied to language classes when Pygments is not being used.
  • NEW: Highlight: A new option called code_attr_on_pre was added to the Highlight extension and controls whether language classes, and any ids, attributes, and classes that are defined in fenced code attribute list style headers, are attached to the code element or pre element. This has effect when using Pygments.
  • NEW: Highlight: option linenums now defaults to None and accepts None, True, or False. None is disabled by default, but can be enabled per code block. True enables line numbers globally. False disables globally and cannot be enabled manually per code block.
  • NEW: ExtraRawHTML: remove extension.
  • FIX: Fix issues with complex emphasis combinations in BetterEm.
  • FIX: Details: fix corner cases related to extension and lists.
  • FIX: Tabbed: fix corner cases related to extension and lists.
  • FIX: EscapeAll: Handle HTML entities special.
  • FIX: SuperFences: Fix parameter unpacking bug.


  • NEW: SuperFences will now allow number ranges in hl_lines option. (#878)
  • NEW: Emoji extension now requires custom emoji indexes to take an options and md argument. The old non-argument format is deprecated and still accepted, but support for indexes with no arguments will be removed at a future time.
  • NEW: Highlight now allows the specifying of a custom line number class when not using Pygments.
  • FIX: Better Arithmatex patterns. Fix issue #888 which caused a hang due to a regular expression typo. Also ensure $$..$$ and begin{}...end{} patterns properly don't match if the tail markers are escaped.


Please see Migration Notes for details on upgrading to 7.0.

  • NEW: MagicLink will now shorten user name and repository links when link shortening is enabled.
  • NEW: Added MagicLink options social_url_shortener and shortener_user_exclude were added.
  • NEW: UML examples are now demonstrated with Mermaid in documentation.
  • NEW: SuperFences, if using the attribute list format (``` {.lang .additional_class, linenums="1"}) allows adding additional classes. IDs can be added as well, though Pygments generated code blocks do not have a mechanism to actually insert IDs. The first provided class will always be treated as the language class.
  • NEW: Custom SuperFences' formatters should now also include the keyword parametersclasses and id_value to allow injecting classes and IDs via the now supported attribute list format. If a code block defines no additional IDs and classes, the old form will be used. Formatters should include **kwargs at the end to future proof them from future changes.
  • NEW: Deprecate the SuperFences highight_code option. As SuperFences syntax has language classes built right in, disabling the highlight_code option makes little sense. While highlight_code is still accepted, it currently does nothing and will be removed at some future time.
  • NEW: If a custom fence (SuperFences) or inline (InlineHilite) is given the name of *, it will override the default fence logic.
  • NEW: SuperFences and InlineHilite no longer sync settings from CodeHilite.
  • NEW: Add new Tabbed extension for general purpose tabbed content in Markdown.
  • NEW: Deprecate old SuperFences tabbed content feature. This will be removed in 8.0.
  • NEW: SuperFences' tabbed content classes have changed from supferfences-tabs and superfences-content to tabbed-set and tabbed-content respectively. Old style classes can be enabled with the legacy_tab_classes option in SuperFences. This new option will be retired with SuperFences tabbed content feature in 8.0.
  • NEW: Upgrade to Twemoji 12.1.5.
  • NEW: New key codes and key code changes in Keys extension:
    • Added super, left-super, and right-super key codes as an alternative to meta. Aliases lsuper and rsuper were also added.
    • Added the alt-graph key code with altgr alias.
    • Added the following new aliases: lwindows and rwindows for consistency.
    • Added new codes left-meta and right-meta for consistency with other modifiers. Aliases lmeta and rmeta were also added.
    • Added left-option, right-option, left-command, right-command, left-meta, and right-meta codes for consistency across similar modifier keys. Additional aliases were added as well: loption, roption, lopt, ropt, left-opt, right-opt, lcommand, rcommand, lcmd, rcmd, left-cmd, right-cmd, lmeta, and rmeta.
    • alt no longer uses menu, lmenu, and rmenu as key aliases. context-menu now uses the alias menu. context-menu will display with Menu now.
  • FIX: Numerous deprecation warnings associated with the recent release of Python Markdown 3.2.
  • FIX: Ensure ExtraRawHTML raises a deprecation warning.


  • NEW: pymdownx.extrarawhtml is now deprecated in favor of Python Markdown's md_in_html extension found in the 3.2 release.
  • NEW: When using Pygments 2.4+, code under pre elements will also be wrapped in code blocks: <pre><code></code></pre>. legacy_no_wrap_code option has been provided as a temporary way to get the old behavior during the transition period, the option will be removed in the future.
  • NEW: Remove deprecated version and version_info.
  • FIX: Allow single word hostnames in MagicLink auto-link.


  • FIX: Fix issue in PathConverter where Windows path conversion from relative to absolute doesn't always work in all browsers.


  • NEW: Upgrade Twemoji to use 12.1.3.
  • NEW: Downgrade and lock EmojiOne version 2.2.7. 2.2.7 is the last truly free version of EmojiOne. This is the safest version that users should use. EmojiOne will not be updated anymore as they are now JoyPixels and have a license that is not that permissible. We've reverted support for any version greater than 2.2.7 to ensure we don't accidentally cause a user to improperly use JoyPixels' assets.
  • NEW: Drop specialized to_awesome generator for EmojiOne.
  • FIX: MagicLink: match the auto-link pattern in the current Markdown package.
  • FIX: Fix fenced math escape issue when using MathJax script output format.


  • NEW: Upgrade Twemoji to 12.1.2 using the latest JoyPixels' (formally EmojiOne) short name index in JoyPixels/emoji-toolkit 5.0.4.
  • NEW: Upgrade EmojiOne to 4.5.0 to the last release in the 4+ series. EmojiOne was rebranded as JoyPixels, but while the index is licensed under MIT, the image assets are no longer as permissible as they once were. The Emoji extension will only reference the last release under the older more permissible license (4.5.0). The option to use the CDN with EmojiOne 2.7 is still available as well which used an even more permissible license.
  • NEW: Upgrade Gemoji to 3.0.1.
  • NEW: version and version_info are now accessible via the more standard form __version__ and _version_info__. The old format, while available, is now deprecated.
  • FIX: Fix GitHub emoji CDN links to use their latest.
  • FIX: Fix issue where entities in the form &#35; would trigger MagicLink's shorthand for issues.
  • FIX: Don't install tests when installing package.
  • FIX: Fix for BetterEm case **Strong*em,strong***.
  • FIX: Fixes for non-word character boundary cases in BetterEm, Caret, Mark, and Tilde extensions.


Please see Migration Notes for details on upgrading to 6.0.0.

  • NEW: Allow custom inline highlight code blocks. (#380)
  • NEW: SuperFences now has one custom format convention which now also accepts the markdown class object to allow access to meta.
  • NEW: SuperFences no longer adds flow and sequence as default custom fences. Users will need to configure them themselves.
  • NEW: Add new SuperFences formatters in Arithmatex that are compatible with SuperFences' custom fence feature and InlineHilite's custom inline feature. (#380)
  • NEW: Requires Python Markdown 3.0.1 and utilizes the new priority registry when adding extensions and uses the new inline processor API instead of the old methodology.
  • NEW: Better aliases for Twemoji specific emoji.
  • NEW: Upgrade support for EmojiOne to 4.0.0 and Twemoji to 11.2.0.
  • FIX: Fixes to SuperFences behavior of "preserve tabs" vs "normal" operations.
  • FIX: Fixes to PathConverter's output. (#392)
  • FIX: Remove unnecessary path code in B64.
  • FIX: Fix issues with double escaping entities in code blocks after Python Markdown 3.0 update.


  • NEW: Add validator to custom fences so custom options can be used. (#350)
  • NEW: Add global linenums_special option to Highlight extension. Can be overridden per fence in SuperFences. (#360)
  • NEW: Add linenums_style option to set line number output to Pygments table or inline format. Also provide a custom pymdownx-inline format for more sane inline output in regards to copy and paste. See Highlight documentation for more info. (#360)
  • NEW: Remove deprecated Github and PlainHTML extension. Remove deprecated Arithmatex option insert_as_script and deprecated MagicLink option base_repo_url.
  • FIX: Add workaround in Highlight extension for line number alignment issues in Pygments with certain step values. (#360)


  • NEW: Add option to fail if specified snippet isn't found. (#335)
  • FIX: Windows issue with preserve_tabs option in SuperFences. (#328)


  • NEW: Allow Arithmatex's "smart dollar" logic to be turned off via setting the option smart_dollar to False. (#297)
  • NEW: Add support for tabbed groups in SuperFences.


  • FIX: Failure with code highlight when guessing is enabled, but a bad language name is provided.


  • FIX: Update Twemoji to 2.6.0 and EmojiOne 3.1.3.


  • NEW: SuperFences now adds experimental support for preserving tabs in fenced code blocks. (#276)


  • FIX: Issues with task lists that span multiple lines. (#267)
  • FIX: Require latest Python Markdown.


  • FIX: Output issue when no user and/or repository is specified.


  • NEW: Add option to make task lists editable. (#249)
  • FIX: Remove internal references to deprecated options.


  • NEW: Set progress bar class level increments via progress_increment instead of using the hard coded value of 20.
  • FIX: Compatibility changes for next Markdown release.


  • NEW: Bring back generic output for Arithmatex. Now under the generic option. (#185)
  • FIX: StripHTML should allow space before close of opening tag.
  • FIX: MagicLink should not auto-link inside a link. (#151)


  • NEW: Arithmatex now just uses the script wrapper output as it is the most reliable output, and now previews can be achieved by providing a span with class MathJax_Preview that gets auto hidden when the math is rendered. insert_as_script, tex_inline_wrap, and tex_block_wrap have all been deprecated as they are now entirely unnecessary. A new option has been added called preview that controls whether the script output generates a preview or not when the rendered math output is loading. Users no longer need to configure tex2jax.js in there MathJax configuration anymore. (#171)
  • NEW: PlainHTML has been renamed to StripHTML. strip_attributes is now a list instead of a string with a default of []. pymdownx.plainhtml is still available with the old convention for backwards compatibility, but will be removed for version 5.0. (#176)
  • FIX: PlainHTML has better script and style content avoidance to keep from stripping HTML tags and attributes from style and script content. (#174)
  • FIX: PlainHTML can strip attributes that are not quoted. (#174)


  • FIX: If an invalid provider is given, default to github. If no user or repo is specified, do not convert links that depend on those default values. (#169)


  • NEW: Add GitLab style compare link shorthand and link shortening. (#160)
  • NEW: Deprecate GitHub extension. It is now recommended to just include the extensions you want to create a GitHub feel instead of relying on a an extension to package something close-ish. (#159)


  • NEW: Add social media mentions – Twitter only right now. (#156)
  • FIX: Use correct regular expression for GitLab and Bitbucket.


  • NEW: Shorthand format for referencing non-default provider commits, issues, pulls, and mentions. (#147)
  • NEW: Shorthand format for mentioning a repo via @user/repo. (#149)
  • NEW: Add repository provider specific classes. (#149)
  • NEW: Make repository labels configurable. (#149)
  • FIX: Adjust pattern boundaries auto-links.


  • NEW: MagicLink can now auto-link a GitHub like shorthand for repository references. (#139)
  • NEW: MagicLink now renders pull request links with a slightly different output from issues. (#139)
  • NEW: Deprecate base_repo_url in MagicLink in favor of the new provider, user, and repo. (#139)
  • NEW: MagicLink now adds classes to repository links. (#139)
  • NEW: MagicLink now adds title to repository links. (#139)
  • NEW: MagicLink no longer styles repository commit hashes as code. (#143)
  • FIX: MagicLink repository link outputs now better reflect default user and repository context. (#143)
  • FIX: PlainHTML should not strip tags that are part of JavaScript code. (#140)


  • NEW: Details can now have multiple classes defined.


  • NEW: Details extension will now derive a title from the class if only a class is provided. (#107)
  • NEW: Remove deprecated legacy emoji generator format.
  • NEW: Remove deprecated use_codehilite_settings.
  • NEW: Remove deprecated spoilers extension redirect.
  • NEW: Update emoji databases: EmojiOne (3.1.2) and Twemoji to .(2.5.0)


  • NEW: Add new slugs to preserve case. (#103)
  • NEW: Add new GFM specific slug (both percent encoded and normal) that only lowercases ASCII chars just like GFM does. (#101)
  • FIX: PathConverter should not try and convert obscured email address (with HTML entities). (#100)
  • FIX: Don't normalize Unicode in slugs with NFKD, use NFC instead. (#98)
  • FIX: Don't let EscapeAll escape CriticMarkup placeholders. EscapeAll will no longer escape STX and ETX; they will just pass through. (#95)
  • FIX: Replace CriticMarkup placeholders after replacing raw HTML placeholders. (#95)


  • NEW: Renamed Spoilers to Details
  • NEW: No longer attach the spoilers class to details tags.
  • NEW: Provide better example of UML script in documents.


  • NEW: Added support for pull request link shortening in MagicLink. (#88)
  • NEW: Added new Spoilers extension. (#85)


  • FIX: Cannot set Highlight's CSS class.


  • NEW: Add support for Twemoji 2.3.5.
  • NEW: Update to EmojiOne 3.0.2.
  • NEW: Emoji generators now also take category which is also no included in all indexes.
  • FIX: Excessive new lines at end of code blocks.


  • NEW: Highlight extension now runs normal indented code blocks through highlighter.
  • FIX: When Pygments is disabled, linenums class was attached to code blocks even if linenums was disabled and not enabled via fence headers.


  • NEW: Added Keys extension.
  • NEW: Generalized custom fences (#60). flow and sequence fence are now just custom fences and can be disabled simply by overwriting the custom_fences setting.
  • NEW: Remove deprecated no_nl2br in GitHub extension. (#24)
  • NEW: Remove deprecated HeaderAnchor extension. (#24)
  • NEW: Remove deprecated PyMdown extension. (#24)
  • NEW: Remove deprecated GitHubEmoji extension. (#24)
  • NEW: Remove deprecated nested option in SuperFences. (#24)
  • NEW: Wrapper extensions (such as GitHub and Extra) can now allow setting the included sub extensions settings (#61). Workaround settings that directly set specific extensions settings has been removed.
  • NEW: Deprecated use_codehilite_settings in SuperFences and InlineHilite and now does nothing. The settings will be removed in the future. If pymdownx.highlight is used, it's settings will be used instead of CodeHilite. Eventually, the both SuperFences and InlineHilite will require pymdownx.highlight to be used and will have CodeHilite support stripped.
  • FIX: Fix MathJax CDN references and usage in documentation. MathJax CDN is shutting down and must now use Cloudflare CDN. (#63)


  • NEW: SuperFences and InlineHilite can be configured via the new Highlight extension.
  • NEW: InlineHilite now has all highlighting features pushed to the Highlight extension. This removes all the CodeHilite code that used to be in it and instead relocates it to Highlight.
  • NEW: Deprecate the nesting option in SuperFences. Nesting is default and the only acceptable behavior moving forward. The ability to turn off nesting will be removed in 3.0.


  • NEW: MagicLink special repository link shortener for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. (#49)
  • FIX: GitHub asterisk emphasis should never have had smart enabled for it. (#50)
  • FIX: MagicLink fix for compatibility with wrapped symbols like ~, * etc. which are commonly used.
  • FIX: MagicLink encodes emails like Python Markdown does for consistency.
  • FIX: MagicLink doesn't allow Unicode for email and does allow Unicode in a URL. (#53)
  • FIX: InlineHilite now returns a proper etree element so that the attr_list extension and function properly with it. (#48)
  • FIX: InlineHilite will no longer break if Pygments is not installed (478b410).


  • NEW: Arithmatex now supports \(...\), \[...\], and \begin{}...\end{}.
  • NEW: Arithmatex has an option to embed the math code in MathJax script tags.
  • FIX: Unfortunately the wrap option is now run through an HTML escaper and HTML tags can no longer be fed in this way. Arithmatex also now wraps "wrapped" content with spans to containerize content and keep one equation from bleeding into the next.
  • FIX: Better handling of escaped Arithmatex inline tokens.
  • FIX: Better handling of escaped InlineHilite tokens.
  • FIX: Update InlineHilite and SuperFences so that the language option can accept things like c# and .net etc.
  • FIX: Snippets now removes carriage returns from imported files to prevent breakage.


  • FIX: Don't install tools or tests folder when installing from Pypi.


  • NEW: EscapeAll has the option to perform more like Pandoc in that you can enable escaped newlines to be hardbreaks, and escaped spaces to be nbsp.
  • NEW: Rework poorly thought out snippets format to require quoting file names with single line format. Add a block format. Allow commenting out lines temporarily. And allow a way to escape them by placing a space after them.
  • FIX: Fix documentation issues.


  • NEW: New EscapeAll extension.
  • NEW: New Snippets extension for including external files into a Markdown file.
  • NEW: Arithmatex now has configurable output wrapper.
  • NEW: PathConverter no longer verifies existence of path to allow it more flexible usage.
  • NEW: PathConverter now only converts relative paths when converting to a relative or absolute location.
  • NEW: Improved support for path path identification for PathConverter and B64.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where Arithmatex was un-escaping $ within math region.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where plugins would append globally changing the escape list opposed to just in the in the Markdown instance.
  • FIX: Fixed logic issue where the mark, caret, and tilde extension weren't quite modeling betterem inline behavior.
  • FIX: Critics shouldn't allow escaping critic marks as it is not in the spec.


  • NEW: HeaderAnchor extension is now deprecated. It will be removed in a future version.
  • NEW: HeaderAnchor is no longer included in the pymdownx.github extension.
  • NEW: Slugify functions are moved to pymdownx.slug in preparation of HeaderAnchor removal.
  • FIX: GitHubEmoji is not "pending" deprecation, but is actually deprecated.


  • NEW: New Emoji extension that aims to replace GitHubEmoji. By default it is configured for EmojiOne and Gemoji (GitHub's emoji).
  • NEW: GitHubEmoji is deprecated. Please use the Emoji extension instead.
  • NEW: PyMdown extension is deprecated. PyMdown extension was just a wrapper, please configure the desired individual extension(s) instead of relying on PyMdown.
  • NEW: github extension now turns off nl2br by default in order properly emulate recent changes in GFM. no_nl2br option is deprecated and will be removed in the future as it no longer reflects GFM behavior.


  • NEW: Add option to output task lists in a more customizable way.


  • NEW: Add pypi 3.5 info in setup
  • NEW: Add option to MagicLink extension to allow the stripping of link protocols (http:// etc.).
  • NEW: Add option to github extension to disable the use of nl2br to reflect recent changes to GitHub Flavored Markdown. Currently the default is the legacy (uses nl2br), but a warning will be displayed. In the future, the option will be defaulted to not use nl2br.


  • FIX: Ordinal number 11th, 12th, and 13th


  • NEW: Initial release.