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Python Markdown provides an extra extension that has features similar to PHP Markdown Extra. For reasons covered in pymdownx.extra, PyMdown Extensions implements its own extra extension. In order to accomplish this, Python Markdown's raw HTML parsing functionality, which is used to parse nested Markdown inside HTML blocks, had to be split out of the extra implementation. Afterwards, it was decided to expose it as an independent extension to allow people who maybe didn't want to use all of the features found in extra, but still wanted to use the parsing of nested Markdown inside of HTML blocks. This is basically a wrapper around Python Markdown's extra extension's raw HTML parsing. For more info see Python Markdown's Extra documentation.

Raw HTML Example

<div class="some-class" markdown="1">

Some *Markdown*! :smile:
<div class="some-class"><p>Some <em>Markdown</em>! <img alt="😄" class="emojione" src="" title=":smile:">