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SaneHeaders is an extension that alters the default hashed headers extension to require headers to have spaces after the hashes (#) in order to be recognized as headers. This allows for other extension syntaxes to use # in their syntaxes as long as no spaces follow the # at the beginning of a line. For instance, MagicLink's issue syntax issue syntax uses hashes followed by numbers (#998) to represent issue links. There may extensions that use names after hashes to provide tags (#tag). With SaneHeaders, these syntaxes can coexist. Those familiar with CommonMark may recognize this behavior.


The syntax when using SaneHeaders is exactly like Python Markdown's default logic with the only exception being that SaneHeaders will not treat hashes at the beginning of a line as a header if they do not have space after them.

In Python Markdown, both of these are treated as headers:

## Header

##Also a Header

With SaneHeaders, only the first is a header:

## Header

##Not a Header

Last update: July 25, 2020