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StripHTML (formally known as PlainHTML) is a simple extension that is run at the end of post-processing. It searches the final output stripping out unwanted comments and/or tag attributes. Though it does its best to be loaded at the very end of the process, it helps to include this one last when loading up your extensions.

Stripping Comments
<!-- We are only allowing strip_comments and strip_js_on_attributes
     in this example. -->

Here is a <strong onclick="myFunction();">test</strong>.
<p>Here is a <strong>test</strong>.</p>

Because comments aren't stripped until the end in a post-processing step, they are present throughout the entire Markdown conversion process and could possibly affect parsing, so be careful how you generally insert comments.

/// caution | Warning This is not meant to be a sanitizer for HTML. This is just meant to try and strip out style, script, classes, etc. to provide a plain HTML output for the times this is desired; this is not meant as a security extension. If you want something to secure the output, you should consider running a sanitizer like Bleach. ///

The StripHTML extension can be included in Python Markdown by using the following:

import markdown
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['pymdownx.striphtml'])


By default, StripHTML strips the following attributes: style, id, class, and on<name>. StripHTML also strips HTML comments. If desired, its behavior can be configured to strip less or even more, but it is limited to attributes and comments.

Option Type Default Description
strip_comments bool True Strip HTML comments during post process.
strip_js_on_attributes bool True Strip JavaScript script attributes with the pattern on* during post process.
strip_attributes [string] [] A list of tag attribute names to strip.