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Alternate Slugify

Python Markdown's default slugify used to strip out all Unicode chars. While this is not necessarily true anymore, PyMdown Extensions offers a configurable slugify to help those with picker preferences. These are very simple slugify options. There are many slugify options out there, some of which are very sophisticated. Some may prefer using one of those, but if you just want something simple, this might fill that requirement.

Using Slugify

slugify is a simple Unicode slugify option. It takes various parameters to control how casing is performed in slugs, what kind of Unicode normalization is preferred, and whether percent encoding of Unicode is preferred.

The available key word options are found below:

Parameter Default Description
case 'none' Control case normalization of characters. See case options below.
percent_encode False Percent encode all Unicode characters after case normalization.
normalize 'NFC' Unicode normalization method. For instance, NFD will strip diacritics, but NFC does not.

Case options are described below:

Option Description
none Performs no case normalization preserving whatever case is provided.
lower Performs simple lower casing on the slug which will operate on Unicode and ASCII alike.
lower-ascii Performs simple lower casing on only ASCII upper case characters.
fold Applies Python's case folding function on the slug.

Configuration is straight forward. Simply import the slug module and configure how you desire the Toc's extension to utilize the slugs.

extension = ['markdown.extensions.toc']
extension_configs = {
    'markdown.extensions.toc': {
        "slugify": slugs.slugify(case="lower", percent_encode=True)

If you are using something like MkDocs, check out our FAQ which gives guidance on how to specify configurable functions in the YAML configuration.