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In order for PyMdown Extensions to work, there are a couple of prerequisites.

Name Required Details
Python Markdown Yes Python Markdown must be installed as it is the Markdown parser that is being used.
Pygments (optional) No If Pygments Syntax highlighting is desired, Pygments must be installed. This can be omitted, and code blocks will be formatted for use with JavaScript code highlighters.


Installation is easy with pip:

$ pip install pymdown-extensions

If you want to manually install it, run:

$ python build
$ python install

After installing, you should be able to access the extensions in Python Markdown under the namespace pymdownx.<extension>.

If you would like to modify the code, you can install it via:

$ pip install --editable .

This method will allow you to instantly see your changes without reinstalling. If you want to do this in a virtual environment, you can.