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The Stylesheets plugin is designed to find and return comments in CSS, SCSS, and SASS (CSS does not support inline comments). When first in the chain, the filter uses no special encoding detection. It will assume utf-8 if no encoding BOM is found, and the user has not overridden the fallback encoding. Text is returned in chunks based on the context of the text: block or inline.

You can specify sass or scss in the option stylesheets if you need to capture inline comments.

- name: scss
  - pyspelling.filters.stylesheets:
      stylesheets: scss
  default_encoding: utf-8
  - docs/src/scss/*.scss
    lang: en
    d: en_US
    - docs/src/dictionary/en-custom.txt
    output: build/dictionary/scss.dic


Options Type Default Description
stylesheets string "css" The stylesheet mode.
block_comments bool True Return SourceText entries for each block comment.
line_comments bool True Return SourceText entries for each line comment.
group_comments bool False Group consecutive inline comments as one SourceText entry.


Stylesheets returns text with the following categories depending on what stylesheet mode is enabled. Categories prefixed with css are for CSS etc.

Category Description
css-block-comment Text captured from CSS block comments.
scss-block-comment Text captured from SCSS block comments.
scss-line-comment Text captured from SCSS line comments.
sass-block-comment Text captured from SASS block comments.
sass-line-comment Text captured from SASS line comments.

Last update: November 20, 2020