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Frequent Asked Questions

Why do selectors not work the same in Beautiful Soup 4.7+?

Soup Sieve is the official CSS selector library in Beautiful Soup 4.7+, and with this change, Soup Sieve introduces a number of changes that break some of the expected behaviors that existed in versions prior to 4.7.

In short, Soup Sieve follows the CSS specifications fairly close, and this broke a number of non-standard behaviors. These non-standard behaviors were not allowed according to the CSS specifications. Soup Sieve has no intentions of bringing back these behaviors.

For more details on specific changes, and the reasoning why a specific change is considered a good change, or simply a feature that Soup Sieve cannot/will not support, see Beautiful Soup Differences.

How does iframe handling work?

In web browsers, CSS selectors do not usually select content inside an iframe element if the selector is called on an element outside of the iframe. Each HTML document is usually encapsulated and CSS selector leakage across this iframe boundary is usually prevented.

In it's current iteration, Soup Sieve is not aware of the origin of the documents in the iframe, and Soup Sieve will not prevent selectors from crossing these boundaries. Soup Sieve is not used to style documents, but to scrape documents. For this reason, it seems to be more helpful to allow selector combinators to cross these boundaries.

Soup Sieve isn't entirely unaware of iframe elements though. In Soup Sieve 1.9.1, it was noticed that some pseudo-classes behaved in unexpected ways without awareness to iframes, this was fixed in 1.9.1. Pseudo-classes such as :default, :indeterminate, :dir(), :lang(), :root, and :contains() where given awareness of iframes to ensure they behaved properly and returned the expected elements. This doesn't mean that select won't return elements in iframes, but it won't allow something like :default to select a button in an iframe whose parent form is outside the iframe. Or better put, a default button will be evaluated in the context of the document it is in.

With all of this said, if your selectors have issues with iframes, it is most likely because iframes are handled differently by different parsers. html.parser will usually parse iframe elements as it sees them. lxml parser will often remove html and body tags of an iframe HTML document. lxml-xml will simply ignore the content in a XHTML document. And html5lib will HTML escape the content of an iframe making traversal impossible.

In short, Soup Sieve will return elements from all documents, even iframes. But certain pseudo-classes may take into consideration the context of the document they are in. But even with all of this, a parser's handling of iframes may make handling its content difficult if it doesn't parse it as HTML elements, or augments its structure.

Last update: March 21, 2020