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  • FIX: When tracking unique glob paths, the unique cache had inverted logic for case sensitive vs case insensitive comparison. (#164)


  • NEW: Add is_magic function to the glob and fnamtch library.
  • NEW: fnmatch now has escape available via its API. The fnmatch variant uses filename logic instead of path logic.
  • NEW: Deprecate raw_escape in glob as it is very niche and the same can be accomplished simply by using codecs.decode(string, 'unicode_escape') and then using escape.
  • FIX: Use os.fspath to convert path-like objects to string/bytes, whatever the return from __fspath__ is what Wildcard Match will accept. Don't try to convert paths via __str__ or __bytes__ as not all path-like objects may implement both.
  • FIX: Better checking of types to ensure consistent failure if the path, pattern, or root directory of are not all of type str or bytes.
  • FIX: Some internal fixes and refactoring.
  • FIX: Refactor code to take advantage of bracex's ability to abort parsing on extremely large pattern expansions. Patterns like {1..10000000} will now abort dramatically quicker. Require bracex 2.1.1 which aborts much quicker.
  • FIX: Fix some corner cases where limit would not abort correctly.


  • FIX: Small bug in [:alpha:] range.


  • NEW: WcMatch's on_init hook now only accepts kwargs and not args.
  • NEW: Cosmetic change of referring to the first __init__ parameter as root_dir instead of base. This is to make it more clear when we are talking about the overall root directory that all paths are relative to vs the base path of a file which is relative to the root directory and the actual file name.
  • NEW: Internal attribute of WcMatch changed from base to _root_dir. This attribute is not really meant to be referenced by users and as been marked as private.
  • NEW: Drop requirement for backrefs and update documentation to note that POSIX properties never actually enabled the use of Unicode properties. While the documentation stated this and it was probably intended, it was never actually enabled. Currently, Wildcard match has chosen to keep with the ASCII definition for now as it has been since the feature was introduced. This may change in the future if there is demand for it.
  • NEW: Add [:word:] POSIX character class.


  • NEW: Drop Python 3.5 support.
  • NEW: Formally support Python 3.9 support.
  • FIX: Small fix for regular expression output to ensure NODIR pattern looks at both / and \\ on Windows.


  • NEW: Translate functions will now use capturing groups for EXTGLOB/EXTMATCH groups in the returned regular expression patterns.


  • FIX: Ensure that when using REALPATH that all symlinks are evaluated.
  • FIX: Fix issue where an extended pattern pattern can't follow right behind an inverse extended pattern.
  • FIX: Fix issues related to nested inverse glob patterns.


Check out Release Notes to learn more about upgrading to 7.0.

  • NEW: Recognize extended UNC paths.
  • NEW: Allow escaping any character in Windows drives for better compatibility with SPLIT and BRACE which requires a user to escape {, } and | to avoid expanding a pattern.
  • NEW: raw_escape now accepts the raw_chars parameter so that translation of Python character back references can be disabled.
  • NEW: Search functions that use scandir will not return . and .. for wildcard patterns that require iterating over a directory to match the files against a pattern. This matches Python's glob and is most likely what most users expect. Pattern matching logic is unaffected.
  • NEW: Add SCANDOTDIR flag to enable previous behavior of injecting . and .. in scandir results. SCANDOTDIR has no affect on match functions such as globmatch which don't use directory scanning.
  • NEW: Flag NODOTDIR has been added to disable patterns such as .* from matching . and ... When enabled, matching logic is changed to require a literal pattern of . and .. to match the special directories . and ... This is more Zsh like.
  • FIX: Negative extended glob patterns (!(...)) incorrectly allowed for hidden files to be returned when one of the subpatterns started with ., even when DOTMATCH/DOTGLOB was not enabled.
  • FIX: When NOUNIQUE is enabled and pathlib is being used, you could still get non-unique results across patterns expanded with BRACE or SPLIT (or even by simply providing a list of patterns). Ensure that unique results are only returned when NOUNIQUE is not enabled.
  • FIX: Fix corner cases with escape and raw_escape with back slashes.
  • FIX: Ensure that globmatch does not match test// with pattern test/*.
  • FIX: pathlib.match should not evaluate symlinks that are on the left hand side of what was matched.


  • NEW: EXTMATCH/EXTGLOB can now be used with NEGATE without needing MINUSNEGATE. If a pattern starts with !(, and NEGATE and EXTMATCH/EXTGLOB are both enabled, the pattern will not be treated as a NEGATE pattern (even if !( doesn't yield a valid EXTGLOB pattern). To negate a pattern that starts with a literal (, you must escape the bracket: !\(.
  • FIX: Support Python 3.9.
  • FIX: Adjust pattern limit logic of glob to be consistent with other functions.


  • FIX: Fix issue where when FOLLOW and GLOBSTAR were used, a pattern like **/* would not properly match a directory which was a symlink. While Bash does not return a symlinked folder with **, * (and other patterns), should properly find the symlinked directory.
  • FIX: pathlib clearly states that the match method, if the pattern is relative, matches from the right. Wildcard Match used the same implementation that rglob used, which prepends **/ to a relative pattern. This is essentially like MATCHBASE, but allows for multiple directory levels. This means that dot files (and special folders such as . and ..) on the left side could prevent the path from matching depending on flags that were set. match will now be evaluated in such a way as to give the same right to left matching feel that Python's pathlib uses.


  • FIX: Fix logic related to dot files and GLOBSTAR. Recursive directory search should return all dot files, which should then be filtered by the patterns. They should not be excluded before being filtered by the pattern.


  • FIX: If we only have one pattern (exclusion patterns not included) we can disable unique path filtering on returns as you cannot have a duplicate path with only one inclusion pattern.


  • NEW: Tilde user expansion support via the new GLOBTILDE flag.
  • NEW: glob by default now returns only unique results, regardless of whether multiple patterns that match the same file were provided, or even when BRACE or SPLIT expansion produces new patterns that match the same file.
  • NEW: A new flag called NOUNIQUE has been added that makes glob act like Bash, which will return the same file multiple times if multiple patterns match it, whether provided directly or due to the result of BRACE or SPLIT expansion.
  • NEW: Limit number of patterns that can be processed (expanded and otherwise) to 1000. Allow user to change this value via an optional limit parameter in related API functions.
  • FIX: Matching functions that receive multiple patterns, or that receive a single pattern that expands to multiple, will filter out duplicate patterns in order avoid redundant matching. While the WcMatch class crawls the file system, it utilizes the aforementioned matching functions in it's operation, and indirectly takes advantage of this. glob (and related functions: rglob, iglob, etc.) will also filter redundant patterns except when NOUNIQUE is enabled, this is so they can better act like Bash when NOUNIQUE is enabled.
  • FIX: BRACE is now processed before SPLIT in order to fix a number of edge cases.
  • FIX: RAWCHARS was inconsistently applied at different times depending on what was calling it. It is now applied first followed by BRACE, SPLIT, and finally GLOBTILDE.


  • NEW: Add new parameter to glob related functions (except in pathlib) called root_dir that allows a user to specify a different working directory with either a string or path-like object. Path-like inputs are only supported on Python 3.6+.
  • NEW: Support path-like objects for globmatch and globfilter path inputs. Path-like inputs are only supported on Python 3.6+.
  • FIX: Filter functions should not alter the slashes of files it filters. Filtered strings and paths should be returned unaltered.


  • FIX: Rework glob relative path handling so internally it is indistinguishable from when it is given no relative path and uses the current working directory. This fixes an issue where pathlib couldn't handle negate patterns properly (!negate).


  • FIX: Fix case where a GLOBSTAR pattern, followed by a slash, was not disabling MATCHBASE.
  • FIX: Fix pathlib relative path resolution in glob implementations.


  • FIX: In glob, avoid using up too many file descriptors by acquiring all file/folder names under a directory in one batch before recursing into other folders.


  • NEW: Add wcmatch.pathlib which contains pathlib variants that uses wcmatch.glob instead of the default Python glob.
  • NEW: escape and raw_escape can manually be forced to use Windows or Linux/Unix logic via the keyword only argument by setting to False or True respectively. The default is None which will auto detect the system.
  • NEW: The deprecated flag FORCECASE has now been removed.
  • NEW: The deprecated functions globsplit and fnsplit have been removed.
  • NEW: The deprecated variables version and version_info have been removed.


  • FIX: Regression for root level literal matches in glob.
  • FIX: Bug where glob would mistakenly abort if a pattern started with a literal file or directory and could not match a file or directory. This caused subsequent patterns in the chain to not get evaluated.


  • NEW: Add CASE flag which allows for case sensitive paths on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Windows drive letters and UNC //host-name/share-name/ portion are still treated insensitively, but all directories will be treated with case sensitivity.
  • NEW: With the recent addition of CASE and FORCEUNIX, FORCECASE is no longer needed. Deprecate FORCECASE which will be removed at some future point.


  • NEW: Drop Python 3.4 support.
  • NEW: Add flags FORCEWIN and FORCEUNIX to force Windows or Linux/Unix path logic on commands that do not access the file system: translate, fnmatch, filter, globmatch, globfilter, etc. These flags will not work with glob, iglob or with the WcMatch class. It also will not work when using the REALPATH flag with things like fnmatch, filter, globmatch, globfilter.
  • FIX: glob corner case where the first folder, if defined as a literal name (not a magic pattern), would not be treated properly if IGNORECASE was enabled in Linux.


  • NEW: Add WcMatch.is_aborted.
  • FIX: Remove deprecation of kill and reset in WcMatch. There are legitimate reasons to not deprecate killing via kill instead of simply breaking.
  • FIX: If for any reason, a file exists, but fails "is directory" check, consider it as a file.


  • FIX: Fix regression with exclusion patterns that use braces in glob.
  • FIX: Translate functions should have NODIR patterns exclude if matched not exclude if not matched.


  • NEW: Deprecated WcMatch class methods kill and reset. WcMatch should be broken with a simple break statement instead.
  • NEW: Add a new flag MARK to force glob to return directories with a trailing slash.
  • NEW: Add MATCHBASE that causes glob glob related functions and WcMatch, when the pattern has no slashes in it, to seek for any file anywhere in the tree with a matching basename.
  • NEW: Add NODIR that causes glob matchers and crawlers to only match and return files.
  • NEW: Exclusion patterns (enabled with NEGATE) now always enable DOTALL in the exclusion patterns. They also will match symlinks in ** patterns. Only non NEGATE patterns that are paired with a NEGATE pattern are subject to symlinks and dot rules. Exclusion patterns themselves allow dots and symlinks to make filtering easier.
  • NEW: Exclusion patterns no longer provide a default inclusion pattern if one is not specified. Exclusion patterns are meant to filter the results of inclusion patterns. You can either use the SPLIT flag and provide an inclusion pattern with your default ('default_pattern|!exclusion'), or feed in a list of multiple patterns instead of a single string (['inclusion', '!exclusion']). If you really need the old behavior, you can use the NEGATEALL flag which will provide a default inclusion pattern that matches all files.
  • NEW: Translate now outputs exclusion patterns so that if they match, the file is excluded. This is opposite logic to how it used to be, but is more efficient.
  • FIX: An empty pattern in glob should not match slashes.


  • FIX: Fix an offset issue when processing an absolute path pattern in glob on Linux or macOS.
  • FIX: Fix an issue where the glob command would use GLOBSTAR logic on ** even when GLOBSTAR was disabled.


  • FIX: In the WcMatch class, defer hidden file check until after the file or directory is compared against patterns to potentially avoid calling hidden if the pattern doesn't match. The reduced lstat calls improve performance.


  • NEW: globsplit and fnsplit have been deprecated. Users are encouraged to use the new SPLIT flag to allow functions to use multiple wildcard paths delimited by |.
  • NEW: globmatch and globfilter will now parse provided paths as real paths if the new REALPATH flag is set. This has the advantage of allowing the commands to be aware of symlinks and properly apply related logic (whether to follow the links or not). It also helps to clarify ambiguous cases where it isn't clear if a file path references a directory because the trailing slash was omitted. It also allows the command to be aware of Windows drives evaluate the path in proper context compared to the current working directory.
  • NEW: WcMatch class no longer accepts the recursive or show_hidden parameter, instead the RECURSIVE or HIDDEN flag must be used.
  • NEW: WcMatch class now can search symlink directories with the new SYMLINK flag.
  • NEW: glob and iglob functions now behave like Bash 5.0 in regards to symlinks in GLOBSTAR (**). GLOBSTAR will ignore symlink directories. This affects other functions such as globmatch and globfilter when the REALPATH flag is enabled.
  • NEW: New flag called FOLLOW was added to force related glob commands to recognize and follow symlink directories.
  • FIX: Fix glob regression where inverse patterns such as !**/test/** would allow a directory base/test to match when it should have excluded it.
  • FIX: glob should handle root paths (/) properly, and on Windows, it should assume the drive of the current working directory.


  • FIX: EXTMATCH/EXTGLOB should allow literal dots and should not treat dots like sequences do.
  • FIX: Fix !(...) extended match patterns in glob and globmatch so that they properly match . and .. if their pattern starts with ..
  • FIX: Fix !(...) extended match patterns so that they handle path separators correctly.
  • FIX: Patterns such as ? or [.] should not trigger matching directories . and .. in glob and globmatch.


  • NEW: Officially support Python 3.8.


  • NEW: Deprecate version and version_info in favor of the more standard __version__ and __version_info__.
  • FIX: Fix issue where exclusion patterns would trigger before end of path.
  • FIX: Fix GLOBSTAR regular expression pattern issues.


  • FIX: In glob, properly handle files in the current working directory when give a literal pattern that matches it.


  • FIX: wcmatch override events (on_error and on_skip) should verify the return is not None and not not falsy.


  • FIX: Can't install due to requirements being assigned to setup opposed to install.


Breaking Changes

Version 2.0 introduces breaking changes in regards to flags. This is meant to bring about consistency amongst the provided libraries. Flag names have been changed in some cases, and logic has been inverted in some cases.

  • NEW: Glob's NOBRACE, NOGLOBSTAR, and NOEXTGLOB flags are now BRACE, GLOBSTAR, and EXTGLOB and now enable the features instead of disabling the features. This logic matches the provided fnmatch and wcmatch.
  • NEW: Glob's DOTGLOB and EXTGLOB also have the respective aliases DOTMATCH and EXTMATCH to provide consistent flags across provided libraries, but the GLOB variants that match Bash's feature names can still be used.
  • NEW: fnmatch's PERIOD flag has been replaced with DOTMATCH with inverted logic from what was originally provided.
  • NEW: Documentation exposes the shorthand form of flags: FORCECASEF, etc.
  • FIX: Wcmatch always documented that it had the flag named EXTMATCH, but internally it was actually EXTGLOB, this was a bug though. EXTMATCH is now the documented and the actual flag to use.


  • FIX: Officially support Python 3.7.


  • FIX: Ensure that all patterns in glob that have a directory preceding ** but also end with ** returns the preceding directory.
  • FIX: Fix byte conversion in path normalization.
  • FIX: Ensure POSIX character classes, when at the start of a sequence, properly have hyphens escaped following it. [[:ascii:]-z] should convert to [\x00-\x7f\\-b] not [\x00-\x7f-b].
  • FIX: Fix an issue where we would fail because we couldn't covert raw characters even though raw character parsing was disabled.
  • FIX: Better default for file patterns. Before if no pattern was provided for files, '*' was assumed, now it is '', and if '' is used, all files will be matched. This works better for when full path is enabled as you get the same file matching logic.


  • Initial release

Last update: February 10, 2021