User Guide


This is a simple plugin that was originally created to save favorite files that are not part of a project. It can also be used to save and load groups of files which may be useful even for files part of a project.

Current features:

  • Add/remove/open file(s) in favorites.
  • Optionally store files in groups and open entire groups.
  • Toggle project specific favorites.
  • Allow specifying an alias for your favorite file(s).


All commands are accessible via the command palette.

Favorite Files: Open File

Provides a quick list to select one of your favorite files to open, or a group of favorite files. Optionally (if always_ask_alias is true), will prompt for a an alias for the file.

Favorite Files: Add File

Adds the current opened file, or all the files in the current window group, to your favorites. An input panel will be opened so you can decide whether you want to save it normally or to a group.

Favorite Files: Remove File

Remove a favorite file form your list or a group of favorite files.

Favorite Files: Edit File Alias

Edit a file's alias. By default, the file will be listed in menus with it's actual file name, but this can be modified for a better, easier to remember name if needed. To revert the alias back to its original, true file name, simply change the alias to an empty string.

Favorite Files: Toggle Per Project

Allows saving per project favorites. Per projects must be toggled on for each project you are in. You can toggle back and forth between per project and global favorites. You cannot switch to per project favorites if you do not have a project file saved. Save your current window configuration to a project file, and your per project favorites list will be saved in the same location.


If you have no need for per project favorites, you can completely disable the command in your settings file with the enable_per_projects setting.

Favorite Files: Clean Orphaned Favorites

Cleans out favorites in your list that no longer exist.


Favorite files has only a couple of settings.


Enables the per project toggling ability. For more info, see: Favorite Files: Toggle Per Project.

    // Enable ability for per project favorites .
    // Per Projects must be toggled on for each project you are in.
    // You can toggle back and forth between per project and global favorites.
    "enable_per_projects": true,


Enables use of SubNotify notifications.

    // Use subnotify if available
    "use_sub_notify": true


When adding a single file to favorites, the user will always be prompted to provide an alias.

    // Prompt for a file alias every time you add a single file.
    "always_ask_alias": false