A Python Markdown Preview and Converter Tool

Under Construction

This documentation is currently under construction, and things are subject to change.


PyMdown is a CLI tool to convert or even batch convert Markdown files to HTML. It can also generate HTML previews of Markdown and auto-open them in a web browser. It allows for specifying simple HTML templates for the Markdown where you can include CSS and JavaScript. PyMdown is built on top of Python Markdown and Pygments.

Basic Markdown Syntax

as laid out by Mark Gruber

Python Markdown Differences

out of the box differences (no extensions)

PyMdown Extensions

extensions made specifically for PyMdown

Python Markdown Extensions

extensions that come with Python Markdown

PyMdown Usage

how to use the PyMdown application

PyMdown Build/Installation

how to build and install PyMdown

Sublime Plugin

plugin for Sublime Text 3

Custom Lexers and Styles

how to include custom lexers and styes